#SixForSunday: Tropes That I Dislike

Six for Sunday is a weekly book tag created in June 2017 by Steph at A Little But a Lot.

This week’s prompt is: Tropes You Hate

So I find that I am usually good with most tropes but there are a few that I just rarely enjoy. I really only hate love triangles because they usually always make me angry and want to throw something. Here are six tropes that I don’t love but still will occasionally read (excluding #1 which I actively avoid now.)

  1. Love triangle
  2. Boss/Coworker
  3. Reverse Harem (I don’t hate it per se but I have only enjoyed a few books of it.)
  4. Perfect Guy/Girl (I don’t love characters that appear to be perfect in every way.)
  5. Chosen One (Again only read a few that I actually enjoyed.)
  6. Forced diversity (When a diverse side character is thrown in for no reason and doesn’t get developed just to say that a book is diverse. Luckily this doesn’t seem to happen a lot with what I read.)

What tropes do you hate?

6 thoughts on “#SixForSunday: Tropes That I Dislike

  1. Love triangles and perfect guy/girls are just lazy writing. Seriously, real people don’t exist merely to heal the emotional wounds of their partners and attend to their every whim 24/7 with no life or hobbies outside of that! btw, what exactly is a reverse harem anyway? is it an alpha female who has a bunch of subservient half-dressed boy toys lounging around or what? 😛

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  2. Falling in love with your kidnapper – ugh!!!! I was in a book club and this trope was the book club read. Apparently I was the only one who had an issue with this. smh

    Shapeshifter when the author has no clue what the actual animal does – smh

    Not an actual trope but sexual positions that are humanly impossible with humans – just saying it takes me right out of the book and I’m all like: Seriously?! I want to see this. Someone recreate this scene. In front of me…live. This is impossible. Just saying.

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