Romanceopoly Update #7

Hello everyone! This is my first update for the Sun board. Here are the prompts I rolled and the books I read for them. I also added a few extra prompts because I had read something that would fit those prompts.

So I have really been struggling with reading my TBR for this challenge because I am a mood reader. Quarantine and being furloughed has really impacted my reading as well. I am going to choose prompts again but expect to see others like above because I am all over the place with my reading right now.

  • The Bar (Read a book set where you live or have lived – it can be city/town/state/country…be as specific as you like!)
  • The Cobbles (Read a historical romance where the title is longer than 5 words)
    • To be determined
  • Soldier Street (Read a romantic suspense where the h/H is in the military)
    • To be determined
  • Lovers Lane (Read an LGBT set in college)
  • Emergency Services (Read a romance where the h/H is in the medical profession)

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