June Wrap Up

I can’t believe its already July. June went by quick for me which is good. I have been struggling with my depression and anxiety since I was furloughed. Good news is that the depression hasn’t affected my reading really, just the genres. I am reading a lot of books, not many new but still a lot. Now onto the stats for this month.

Blog Stats

  • Posts: 58
  • Review: 38
  • Challenges: 1
  • Tags: 17
  • Bookish Posts: 2

Reading Stats:

Books Read: 54

  • Re-reads: 19
  • DNF: 2
  • ARC’s: 6
  • Kindle Unlimited: 2
  • Romanceopoly: 7
  • Tackle My TBR: 1
  • Popsugar: 4

I did terrible on the Tackle My TBR challenge this month. I will have to step it up in July.


  • eBooks: 44
  • Audiobooks: 2
  • Paperback: 7
  • Hardback: 1
  • Webcomic: 0


  • 13, 865 pages

Listening time:

  • 8 hours 41 minutes


I read a little bit of everything this month. My main genre’s were paranormal, scifi, and historical. I found two new favorite historical romance authors this month: Beverly Jenkins and Lisa Kleypas. I am determined to work my way through their backlogs.


As you can see most of the books I read this month I owned, either physical, ebook or audio. I did checked quite a few books out of the library this month too though. I also got quite a few ARC’s read this month which I am proud of.

Favorite Books of the June

I read so many good books this month! I made myself narrow it down to just 4 books this month. If you want to see other top contenders check out my twitter because I listed more there.

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