Review: An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole

Title:  An Extraordinary Union

Author: Alyssa Cole

Series: The Loyal League #1

Genre: Historical

Format: eBook

Pages: 263

Date Read: June 26, 2020

Did Not Finish (DNF)

DNF 47%

So I have come to the conclusion that Alyssa Cole’s writing style is not for me. This is the second book of hers I have DNFed this week.

The romance was very slow building, which usually I am fine with, but not this time. By 47% there was barely any romance as the characters were still very antagonistic against each other. Sometimes I am ok with this but it wasn’t working for me this time. The two characters also were just ok for me, which is the main reason why I am DNF this book. I just am not connecting with the characters which is making this a very uninteresting read for me right now. 

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