Review: Supernatural by Larissa Ione, Alexandra Ivy, Jacquelyn Frank and G.A. Aiken

Supernatural by Larissa Ione, Alexandra Ivy, Jacquelyn Frank, G.A. Aiken

Title:  Supernatural

Authors: Larissa Ione, Alexandra Ivy, Jacquelyn Frank, G.A. Aiken

Series: Lords of Deliverance #1.5; Guardians of Eternity #7.6; Nightwalkers #1.5; Dragon Kin #0.4

Pages: 481

3.5 stars out of 5
3.5 stars

The overall rating is the average of the following ratings. 

A few of these books I have already reviewed separately and so I have just copied them into this review.

Vampire Fight Club (Lord of Deliverance #1.5) by Larissa Ione: 4 stars

Nathan is a daywalker who has dedicated years to bring down his enemy. Unfortunately with each year that goes by the less he feels, until the beautiful Vladlena starts working as the clubs medic. 

This was a quick novella in the Demonica world. I really enjoyed it. I liked both Nathan and Vladlena. I am fascinated by who turned Nathan and really want to see that meeting. I don’t remember if it will come up in future books. Reading this novella just makes me want to reread the Demonica series because I have missed the world and characters. 

Darkness Eternal (Guardians of Eternity #7.6)  by Alexandra Ivy: 3 stars

Read April 24, 2019

Kata and Uriel. This was interesting because of the whole bond to the evil twin. I won’t say more because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Kane (Nightwalkers #1.5) by Jacquelyn Frank: 2 stars

This was a very quick story about Kane and Corrine. Corrine was found close to dying at the end of the first book, Jacob, and only her mate, Kane, could save her. So this picks up a few hours after that when Corrine finally wakes up. Unfortunately it’s the night of Samhain and the demons are overwhelmed with lust on that day. Basically this is the story of them quickly coming to terms with their relationship and consummating it.

I had issues with this story because Kane is a mind demon which means he can control people, including Corrine. He uses it to control her briefly in the beginning. This relationship didn’t feel like it was equal because of that and it’s hard for me to see them as a successful couple because of that power imbalance. 

Dragon on Top (Dragon Kin #0.4)  by G.A. Aiken: 5 stars

Ghleanna the Decimator is ordered by the queen to escort and protect Bram the Merciful on his trip to negotiate peace between the Sand Dragons. While Ghleanna has mostly ignored Bram for all his life, he can’t ignore her. He has been in love with her since he first saw her but it takes this trip for her to actually see him. 

I loved these two. Ghleanna is a hardcore warrior who can seem to get anyone to follow her. She was also a troublemaker, like most Cadwaldr’s. She struggles to live in the shadow of her father’s whorish legacy and it causes her to not really trust men. Bram may be a negotiator and lover of books but he can still defend himself when he needs to. I liked that he wasn’t weak or defenseless, he was just more concerned with books and politics than fighting. 

These two were complete opposites but they worked wonderfully together. Bram shows Ghleanna that she is more than a fighter and worships the ground she walks on basically. I really  enjoyed these two and wish their story had been longer. This world is just filled with wonderful characters that I can’t get enough of. 

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