Review: Tempest by Beverly Jenkins

Tempest by Beverly Jenkins

Title:  Tempest

Author: Beverly Jenkins

Series: Old West #3

Pages: 384

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

When I saw this was a mail order bride historical with a widow father I instantly borrowed it from my library. I am a sucker for a mail order bride historical romances, especially when you add in that she shoots him at their first meeting. 

“After all, how many men met their prospective brides via a bullet from her Winchester?”

Regan Carmichael is an independent, hard working woman who is just as comfortable in jeans as she is in a dress. She may be wealthy but she was also thought to be more than a pretty face. Dr. Colton Lee isn’t happy to find that his mail order bride isn’t what he was expecting. He expects a fine breed woman who follows society’s rules and only handles the household. Regan is more than he expected but everything he, and his daughter, needed. She is a true partner. I loved watching Regan show Colton what a real woman is. He may be a doctor but he really doesn’t know women, even if he was married. 

“Beautiful women aren’t supposed to be as intelligent as you seem to be.” “And handsome doctors aren’t supposed to be as plumb dumb about women as you seem to be.”

Another thing I loved was that even though Regan was wealthy she still worked and kept busy. She just uses her money to make the house more comfortable for everyone and to spoil a child that has never been given nice things. She also used her money to help people in the town when necessary. She truly was a kind and giving person. I loved Regan and her spunky and independent nature. 

I cannot seem to get enough of Jenkins books! I wish I had started reading them years ago. If you love a good historical romance with some spunky characters read her books! They are so good and I cannot recommend them enough.

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