Review: Survivors by Anna Hackett

Survivors by Anna Hackett

Title: Survivors

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Hell Squad #19

Pages: 222

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good


Former Marine Nate Cadwell has been living off-grid in the Blue Mountains. For two years he has avoided the aliens and survivors, until a young woman comes crashing through his territory fleeing the aliens.  Arianna “Ari” Matthews is finally free from the aliens and refuses to be captured again. 

“I won’t let the aliens take any more from me. Life as we know it has changed, but I plan to make the most of it….I want to experience everything I can. I am going to find some happiness.”

I really liked Nate and Ari’s story. It was so cute. Ari has been experimented on by the aliens but is still determined to survive and find happiness. She teaches Nate how to live again and not just survive. Nate was strong, protective and still struggling to cope with PTSD. I quite love these two and I really hope they show up more in the background of future books. 

Also I need more Elle and Marcus scenes. They are still my faves! 


Captain Dak Vaughan has been attracted to Naomi Silver since he helped rescue her from the streets of Nevada. Both think the other hates them but after a sparring match and a few words they realize that’s not the case. Together these two go out on a mission to find the deadly bomb the Grizzida are building. 

I enjoyed this story. I really liked Naomi. She was a police officer and was determined to stop criminals, like her family. Once the invasion happened, she spent her time protecting any survivors she could. I loved how determined she was to do more than survive. She was going to seek her happiness in this life, and that was Dak. 

I love that we are finally getting a story from a different survivor base. This one takes place at Groom Lake Base which is in Nevada, Area 51 to be exact. I really hope we get more short stories, or even a whole book, from the other bases. I really want to see how other teams are dealing with the Grizzida.


Liv Bergen lives with her pet wolf close to the Setermoen Military Base in Norway. After seeing a lot of alien activity near her house she makes the trip to the base to warn them, even if it means dealing with the sexy Alexander Erickson.  Alexander Erickson has been trying to get Liv to see him as more than the younger man. A scouting trip with Liv makes them both realize how much they are meant to be with each other. 

Yay, another base and new people. Well, somewhat new considering Alexander is Finn’s brother. I am loving these little short stories and I really want more. Alexander is a controlling and protective man who is trying to keep the whole base safe. I really loved his dedication to protecting his people and how he realizes he wants someone who sees the real him, not the leader. Liv is a strong, independent, kick ass woman who isn’t afraid of going it alone. I love her for that. She was perfect for Alexander because she saw past his role to the group and saw the real man, just like he saw the real woman. 

“What we thought was right or customary, who was a good match, what was acceptable—that doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is the here and now. All that matters is what makes us happy.”

I really wanted this book to be longer because I just can’t get enough of the survivors. I can’t wait for Tane’s book and to see them fight back against the aliens. 

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