Review: Dom by Anna Hackett

Dom by Anna Hacket

Title:  Dom

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Hell Squad #18

Pages: 208

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Dom and Arden’s story was a fast paced adventure of redemption and romance. Dom is the deadly, knife wielding berserker that no one really knows anything about, except that he was in the Mafia. He is intense and closed off from everyone, except his team. Arden lost her family during the alien invasion. She is finally coming out of her grief and starting to live again, including being attracted to Dom. 

“She could see the beauty now. For so long, the world around her had been nothing but dreary shades of gray.”

Dom has never been free. He was born into the most dangerous mafia family in Italy and he did everything he could to survive. After the invasion he dedicates all his time protecting the survivors as a way of redeeming himself. This dangerous bad boy just wants to be a good person and thinks he never can be, until Arden. Arden sees the truth and helps him realize he is actually a good man, who is not ruled by his past deeds. Dom learns to lean and trust Arden and finds a new reason to fight. 

“You are a man who was born into a shitty life. A man who survived the best he could, and then found a way out. You’re a man who fights to protect, who risks his life for others. You’re also a good friend and a good man.”

Arden has her own demons she has to fight through, the death of her family. It was a horrific way to lose everyone and she struggles with the PTSD from it. She learns to lean on Dom and starts to let go of the horror of their deaths and remembers the good times. These two had an intense and emotional connection that I just loved. 

“I love you. Light and dark, good and bad, my feelings for you will never change.” – Arden

This book was very intense. The fight against the Gizzida is really ramping up and becoming extremely dangerous. They have new creatures and a new weapon that can wipe out the rest of humanity. We are coming to the end of the fight and the tension is off the charts. I am sad that the series is winding down because I am so invested in the lives of these men and women and their fight for survival. That said can we please have Tane and Selena’s book already! I have been waiting years for it. 

Also, I need more information about Nate?? That small glimpse we get of him was very interesting and I know he is going to be important later! 

Reader Warning:

  • Hero was abused as a child and forced to work for the Mafia (referenced).
  • Heroine’s husband and kids killed (described on page).

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