Review: Manu by Anna Hackett

Manu by Anna Hackett

Title:  Manu

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Hell Squad #16

Pages: 206

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

After losing his leg on a mission, former Berserker Manu Rahia was put in charge of the Enclave’s firing range. He knows it’s an important job but he still hates he isn’t fighting and protecting his brothers. Captain Kate Scott is dedicated to her job. She is not a passionate woman but seeing the big tattooed Berserker at the range every day makes her start to feel again. These two join forces to stop the aliens from doing more damage and protect their teams, and their hearts. 

“You brought color into my life.”…“You brought me to life. I’m not letting you go.”

I loved these two! Manu has been a background character for a while now and I was so excited when he got his own book. He lost his leg shortly before the survivors left Blue Mountain Base and is no longer part of Squad Three. Most people believe that he adjusted well to his new life but he has hidden how much it really affected him. Kate sees it through and gets him to talk to her about it. She buts heads with him until he lets his barriers down and shows his true feelings. I loved the emotional connection these two had and how they heal each other. 

“And you never have to hide what you’re feeling from me. In here, you can show me when you’re hurting or angry.” – Kate

Kate has been dedicated to her job her whole life. She dedicated her life to the Army and now she is dedicated to running the security at the Enclave. I respect the hell out of her and love how dedicated she is to her job. Kate has hidden all her feelings and always has barriers up. She lost people in the past and now is obsessed with making sure her team is prepared for anything. She also doesn’t see herself as a passionate woman but Manu shows her that she has been lying to herself. She just needed to find the right man. I adored watching Manu pursue Kate and slowly break her barriers down. I love watching a couple break down emotional barriers and heal from past wounds. 

“But you don’t have to be superwoman all the time. Here, you can just be Kate.”

One of the things I love about this series is the connection between all the characters. The squads are like one giant family that watches each other’s backs. I love seeing the party and celebration scenes with everyone because you can really see the connections and love during them. Another great thing about this series is that even though they are fighting for their lives there is a lot of positivity, which feels very important right now during these difficult times. 

“We all know the sucky side of life, but when the good is right there in front of you, you hold on to it, and enjoy it every second you can. It carries you through the shitty times.”

Overall, I adored this book and can’t wait to read the next one. I am loving the Berserkers and can’t wait to see the other three fall in love.

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