Review: Theron by Anna Hackett

Theron by Anna Hackett

Title: Theron

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Hell Squad #12

Pages: 223

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Squad mates and best friends, Theron Wade and Sienna Rossi fight together to survive and take down the aliens. Sienna is a mixture of contradictions. She is sweet, tough, a soldier and a woman. The only person who accepts all sides of her is her best friend Theron. While she knows Theron wants her he keeps her in the friend zone. While a mission to track the new alien weapon goes off track these two finally admit their feelings, and save the world. 

I am loving all the new development with the alien invasion and the constant struggle of the humans to get ahead of the aliens to defeat them. Also, the new alien creature that was introduced in this book sounds terrifying and freaks me out. 

Sienna is one tough cookie who is also in touch with her feminine side. She likes nice things, cooking, etc. but can also take down an enemy. I really love her. Hackett does an amazing job at creating tough heroines. Another thing I loved about Sienna was her determination to break through Theron’s barriers and make him act on his feelings. Sienna is just a great mixture of sweet and toughness, and is perfect for Theron. 

She liked colored sprinkles on her ice cream, and could also kill a man in about thirty different ways.”

Theron had a rough past. He was in the foster care system and the military so he feels he is not good enough for Sienna. He repeatedly pushes Sienna away because of his darker tastes in the bedroom. Sienna quickly makes him realize she is more than willing to take on his darker side. I loved seeing Sienna explore Theron’s darker side and discover her own likes. 

She was his sprinkle-coated badass…”

Overall, this was another nonstop adventure and I cannot wait for the next book, which is the first Berserker one!!

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