Review: Shaw by Anna Hackett

Shaw by Anna Hackett

Title:  Shaw

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Hell Squad #7

Pages: 241

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Shaw Baird is a man on a mission. He is determined to find his teammate Claudia before she runs out of time. Claudia Frost is barely surviving but she knows her team is coming. The only thing going is thoughts of the sexy and annoying sniper Shaw. It takes extreme circumstances for these two to admit their feelings and take a chance on each other. 

The beginning of this book was very emotional. Both Shaw and Claudia are clinging to their reunion to make it through the tough times they are facing. These two have been butting heads since the very beginning and now that the chance might be lost they are admitting the truth about their feelings for each other. 

Claudia and Shaw are both amazing and tough characters with traumatic pasts that influence their actions. While Claudia is a strong, capable, and deadly woman she is also scared to let anyone close after her ex-husband cheated on her repeatedly.  Shaw is an excellent sniper and soldier who loves the ladies. He never commits to anyone though because of the guilt of his sister’s death. These two struggle to overcome their past while working on their relationship but in the end they are stronger for it. 

“You’re damned beautiful….You are. Strength, determination, courage. Damn, sometimes you intimidate me.”

This book also features more of the Berserkers and I cannot wait to start reading their stories. They are some crazy badass men. We are introduced to a new character named Selena in this book. I cannot wait to find out more about her and see who she will hook up with.

Trigger warnings: kidnapping; torture; death of sibling by parent (filicide) discussed; abusive father; miscarriage discussed;

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