Review: Callie’s Catastrophe by Ruby Dixon

Callie's Catastrophy by Ruby Dixon

Title:  Callie’s Catastrophe

Author: Ruby Dixon

Series: Icehome #9

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Callie thinks that nothing can be worse than her current situation. When she resonates to an arrogant alien jerk she realizes it can get worse. M’tok tries his best to prove to Callie that he would make a good mate. After weeks of her ignoring him M’tok takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps her from the tribe. 

Callie is a stubborn one but she is also struggling with depression.  Just when she is starting to find herself in this new world she resonates and her world turns upside down. I really related to Callie at the beginning of this book. Her struggle with depression was spot on, especially right now during this quarantine. So if books with depression trigger your own you might want to skip this book and move onto the next book. While I liked Callie, she also annoyed me with her constant hatred and negativity of M’tok. It got better once she actually started talking to him though. 

“It’s hard to get out of bed and face another day when I know it’s just going to be more shit piled atop the shit cake.”

M’tok was determined to do everything he could to woo Callie, except actually talk to her. After hearing other members of the tribe had kidnapped their humans he does the same. Once they are by themselves and actually start talking their relationship really bloomed. I loved all the little scenes between them like M’tok being a neat freak and Callie embroidering. Another thing I loved about M’tok was that he accepts Callie as she is. He is proud that she is a stubborn and bold woman and not a quiet or shy one. 

“She is strong in heart, my mate. She is bold and fearless, laughing and quick, and she is not afraid to tell others when they are wrong. I like that.”

Overall, this was a great alien romance. I cannot wait to read the next one and see how Penny and S’bren fare on their own. 

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