Review: Reed by Anna Hackett

Title:  Reed

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Hell Squad #4

Genre: Science Fiction

Format: eBook

Dates Read: 2016, 2019, May 25, 2020

4 stars
4 stars – It was really good

After spending months being abused and tortured by the aliens, Natalya Vasin is struggling to overcome the anxiety and fear. Reed MacKinnon hasn’t been able to forget about Natalya since they rescued her from the alien lab. He refuses to make a move though because he knows she is still healing and he won’t take advantage of her. While fighting their feelings they work together to strike another blow to the alien invaders. 

“Whether it’s a physical or emotional scar, it doesn’t matter, Natalya. We’ll always carry something with us. It’s what we choose to do to move forward that counts.”

Natalya is a smart, strong and determined woman. She has had terrible things happen to her but she is determined to fight back, even if it means going back into alien territory. It was very emotional watching her struggle to deal with all the things the aliens had done to her. Reed is protective and charming. He truly appreciates life and helps Natalya see the brighter side of things again. I just love how supportive he was of her decisions, even when he didn’t like them. 

We can’t go back, sweetheart. Only forward. I want you to move forward with me.”

There were some great developments in the human vs aliens war. THe humans have dealt some major blows to the aliens and they are finally starting to see them as a threat. Overall, this was a great addition to the series and I can’t wait to jump into the next one, which is the first book featuring a different team.

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