Review: Gabe by Anna Hackett

Gabe by Anna Hackett

Title:  Gabe

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Hell Squad #3

Pages: 211

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Hell Squad member Gabe Jackson has lost the last thing that mattered to him, his twin brother. Now he is hellbent on killing all the aliens no matter the cost. Dr. Emerson Green is the head of the medical team for the Blue Mountain base. She frequently patches up the soldiers, especially Hell Squad. She never planned to fall for the sexy and broadening Gabe, who refuses to open up.

“Loving a woman twists you up. Makes you do some pretty idiotic things. God, it can even make you afraid…But it’s worth every second.” – Marcus

This book was just packed with action, suspense, and romance. Gabe is the strong, silent type who doesn’t know how to express his emotions. He is struggling to deal with the grief and guilt over the death of his brother. The only time he finds peace is when he is with Emerson.  Gabe may be a quiet one but he shows he cares by leaving little gifts for Emmerson. I do wish we had learned more about the experiments done on him in the military because it is all so fascinating. 

“As it did every time he was with her, that tight, hot ball of pain, rage and grief that lived inside him shrunk, easing back a little and letting him breathe.” 

Emerson has been dedicated to helping others her whole life. She is smart, tough, and compassionate. She puts everything she is into helping others, including Gabe, that she forgets to take care of herself. Even after being kidnapped by aliens she still goes out on missions with Hell Squad to save as many people as she can. The biggest thing I liked about her though was that she doesn’t try to change Gabe. She lets him open up to her in his own way and doesn’t force him to talk all his feelings out. 

“I don’t expect you to turn into a talker. I just want you to be yourself.”

As for the aliens in this book, they are continuing the experiments on humans. A new lab is found and more horrors are discovered inside. This just makes Hell Squad, and the rest of the survivors, even more determined to stop the aliens.  Also new aliens are introduced in this one, flying kinds this time. 

“You gotta take the good when you can get it. Helps you shake off the bad.” – Reed

Overall, Gabe is a wonderful addition to the series. I cannot wait to learn more about the other squad, especially the Berserkers, which I think their name speaks for itself.

Trigger Warnings: death of a sibling, grief, human experimentation, euthanasia

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