Review: No Proper Lady by Isabel Cooper

Title:  No Proper Lady

Author: Isabel Cooper

Series: Englefield #1

Genre: Historical paranormal

Format: ebook

Date Read: May 24, 2020

Did Not Finish (DNF)

DNF 48%

This book is an interesting mixture of historical and paranormal. Joan goes back in time 200 years to try and save the world from demons. This book sounds like something I would love but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. 

The story started off very action packed with Joan and the other survivors fighting demons and setting up the magic so she can go back in time. This was around 8% into the book. I really liked Joan at first. She was strong, capable, and deadly. Unfortunately after the beginning all she does is learn proper etiquette for women, which was very boring.  The love interest wasn’t even captivating because Simon follows current society rules and doesn’t make any advances (at least by 48%). 

While I love the concept of this book, the pacing issues and lack of movement in the story didn’t work for me. By 35% I knew I was most like going to DNF this book but I held out for another few chapters to see if anything changed, and it didn’t. So I cannot recommend this book to anyone, unless you like really slow historicals with some paranormal elements. 

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