#FaeFriday | 5/15/2020

#FaeFriday is a Friday book tag created by CaffeinatedFae, who is also the creator of the tag image. 

This week on #FaeFriday,we learn that fairies have been known to stand back and observe So this week’s prompt is: 

What secondary character is your favorite or even outshines the main character?

I have a lot of favorite secondary characters so this was a hard prompt for me. To make it easier I limited myself to recently read books which, at the moment, means the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

My favorite secondary character from the BDB is Lassiter. Lassiter is the fallen angel who brings Tohr back and then sticks around. He has a hilarious fashion sense and really knows how to make you laugh. Also he frequently provides miracles that the Brothers are looking for. 

One of my favorite scene with Lassiter:

“He was wearing a scuba mask and snorkel set pushed off his handsome face…a set of flippers that slapped over the slick floor as he approached the pool’s edge…a slingshot bathing suit that was hot pink…and a children’s yellow-and-blue floaty around his waist.” – from Blood Kiss

What is your favorite secondary character?

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