ARC Review: Love Starts Here by Traci Borum

Title:  Love Starts Here

Author: Traci Borum 

Series: Morgan Grove’s #1

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Holiday Romance

Format: ARC eBook

Dates Read: May 12, 2020

3 stars
3 stars – I liked it

Jill McCallister is struggling with writer’s block on her new novel. It’s so bad she doesn’t even have an idea of what it’s going to be about. Feeling the need for a break she travels to Morgan’s Grove, a town her great-great-great grandfather founded. Jill quickly finds herself immersed in this small town and the wonderful people who inhabit it. When she meets her landlord’s grandson Rick, she finds it hard to fight her attraction because she knows both of them will be leaving soon. 

This was a sweet, small town, holiday romance! I really enjoyed watching Jill and Rick slowly fall in love and fight their feelings for each other. Jill is an independent woman who has achieved her dream of writing books. Rick is a handsome, closed off man, who loves his grandmother dearly. They fell for each other while helping Rick’s grandmother, Lucille, with making her gingerbread cookies to sell. Their relationship was very slow and sweet.

“Well, most people think love is roses and candlelight, but it’s hard work. It’s learning to compromise and live with each other’s flaws and staying firm during the hard times, the ebbs and flows of a marriage. You choose to stay. That’s how a marriage really lasts. You both make the choice, every single day, to stick it out.” – Lucille 

Lucille was the sweet old lady who you wish was your grandma! She actually really reminds me of my grandmother because she is the center of the family and is constantly trying to feed and take care of everyone. We see her, and Rick, still struggling with grief over the death of her husband a year later. She is finally getting back on her feet and starting a new chapter in her life. I love that Lucille is finally finding new happiness and reaching for old dreams of a bakery. Rick really stepped up and supported Lucille with her dreams when the time came. He doesn’t let her push the dream away. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this slow, sweet romance. It was a nice change of pace from what I have been reading lately. 

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review.*

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