Review: Blood Fury by J.R. Ward

Blood Fury by JR Ward

Title:  Blood Fury

Author: J.R. Ward

Series: Black Dagger Legacy #3

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

This was the third installment of the spin off series, Black Dagger Legacy, and it did not disappoint. This book focuses on two couples, Novo and Payton and Saxton and Ruhn. Novo and Payton have been circling each other since the very first book and they finally have given in. 

“Sometimes life brought you to corners that you saw coming, big changes altering your direction and focus thanks to a given event, like a mating or the birth of a young. Other times, though, the glacial shifts came without warning, popping out of nowhere.” – Payton

I really enjoyed this book. Novo is one tough female and I really like her. She breaks away from her crazy and image driven family and becomes her own person. Her reason for joining the training program was heartbreaking and made me want to cry. Payton really stepped up and became a man in this book. I didn’t really like him before now because of how he always went the easy route. He really looks at himself and makes an effort to change his behaviors. I was surprised by how much I liked him once he got his head out of his ass. 

Novo and Payton’s relationship started casually but quickly heated up as they learned about each other. The more they let their barriers fall the more they fell in love, which I loved! These two are perfect for each other and I couldn’t get enough of their relationship. 

“I would rather be in a hovel with you than a castle with anybody else.” – Payton to Novo

Now to Saxton and Ruhn. I have been waiting for Saxton to find his perfect man since him and Blay split up and I was not disappointed. Ruhn is Bitty’s uncle who is very uncomfortable around Saxton because he thinks he is being judged. What he doesn’t realize is that Saxton can’t keep his eyes off Ruhn because he thinks he is the hottest man he has ever seen. When Ruhn is assigned as Saxton’s bodyguard they both quickly realize they are attracted to each other. I adored Saxton and Ruhn. I just couldn’t get enough of them and I really hope they pop up more in future books. 

“It only takes an instant…..When it’s real, it’s like turning on a light switch. Click, and then there is illumination everywhere.” – Blay to Saxton 

Overall this was another amazing book by Ward! I cannot get enough of this series and cannot wait to jump into the next book. 

Reader Warning

  • Heroine has a miscarriage.

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