Review: The Chosen by J.R. Ward

The Chosen by JR Ward

Title:  The Chosen

Author: J. R. Ward

Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #15

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Well, where to start with this book…first, I liked most of this book but this book also made me very angry!

I am just going to break this book down by couples because that is probably the easiest to explain my feelings about the whole situation. 

Xcor and Layla:

“Wherever I go, you shall ne’er be far from me. Wherever I sleep, you shall be beside me. What I eat, I shall share with you, and when I dream, we shall be together once again. My love, you are not gone from me ever, and I shall not take another. Till the very night I die.” -Xcor to Layla

I have been waiting for Xcor and Layla’s book for a while now and their relationship did not disappoint. Their relationship was heartbreaking because they both knew it couldn’t last. Xcor was so sweet, protective, and brave. He has had a terrible life but he lives by his own code. Xcor was like a completely different person around Layla. She really brings out his good side and in the end gives him the family he always wanted. 

Layla really grew in this book. Not only did she become a mother, but she also found her courage to be her own person. She stands up for Xcor against the brothers and even slaps a brother for their disrespect of her. I loved how strong she became and I think she might be one of my favorite females from the series now. 

“I am not going to apologize for who I love. In fact, I am grateful this destiny is mine. If I had fallen for another, I wouldn’t have been forced to be this strong–and there is nothing wrong in this world or the next in finding out your own power.” – Layla

Quinn and Blay:

So Quinn basically turns into a raving lunatic in this book. He loses his mind and says some truly terrible things to Blay and Layla. He was so unstable I don’t understand how he didn’t lose the rights to his kids because of it. Also he basically commits treason against the king when he ignores Wraths orders, twice. But I think the biggest thing that bothered me about this whole situation was how quickly it was resolved. It felt so off and abrupt that the apology doesn’t feel genuine.

V and Jane:

So I am not a fan of V to begin with, but this book made me so angry I wanted to punch him. V is pulling away from Jane again and considering cheating on her, which this scenario just happened in Lover Unleashed. He doesn’t even really make an effort to reconnect with Jane. Multiples times he could have talked with her or gone to see her and he just doesn’t. Then he bitches about them not being together and starts contemplating cheating. I feel so sorry for Jane that she has a hellren that isn’t willing to work for his marriage. He just takes the easy way out. I am just so angry at him! 

Trez and Therese: 

So I feel it is way too soon for this to be happening. It’s only been a few months and Trez is still grieving hard. Currently it is unclear if Therese is just a Selena look alike or if she is her reincarnation. I think that it is wrong that she looks like Selena, even if she is the reincarnation. I feel like it would have been better for Trez, and everyone else, if she had looked different but had Selena’s soul. I guess we will see what the future holds for these two. 


So Tohr is another brother who goes off his rocker in this one. He repeatedly tries to kill Xcor, even after being told by Wrath to stop. But the thing that bothered me most about Tohr was his treatment of Autumn. I just feel like she is in second place to Wellise. Tohr definitely needed to work through his grief more before he and Autumn got together but all I can hope for at this point is that their relationship gets better. Also the way he spoke to Layla made me very angry but I am glad she stood up for herself and Xcor. 

Everyone else:

I loved Lassiter in this one! He is probably my favorite character from this series and I cannot get enough of this crazy man! Wrath really killed it in his role as king in this book. In all the stupid drama that unfolded in this book he stood strong and took a diplomatic approach to everything. He acted like an adult while everyone else was having their hissy fits. I can’t wait to learn more about the Band of Bastards and hopefully see them find mates. Also WTH is going on with Throe. Whatever it is, it is definitely creepy and evil.

Overall, I enjoyed this book even though certain characters made me angry. Let’s hope the next book doesn’t make me so angry.

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