Review: Mission: Her Protection by Anna Hackett

Mission: Her Protection by Anna Hackett

Title:  Mission: Her Protection

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Team 52 #1

Pages: 203

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

When Dr. Rowan Schafter’s arctic expedition pulls a strange metal object from the ice and things quickly start going wrong. Her team is attacked by a mysterious ice creature and is killed. The only way she survives is to hide until help comes. What she doesn’t expect is to be rescued by a covert black ops team led by her childhood friend Lachlan Hunter. 

This was a hell of a start to a new series. I was instantly captivated by the story and characters. Team 52 has appeared a few times in the Treasure Hunter Security series and were very mysterious. I am so glad they are getting their own series now. Now that we know the team I really can’t wait to learn more about each one and see them find happiness, while kicking butt! 

Lachlan is the leader of Team 52. He is protective, determined, and full of honor. He keeps people at a distance because of his abusive father. The only person he ever really let in was Rowan, the girl he grew up with. I really liked Lachlan. He was so protective of Rowan and so sweet with her. He really shows his softer side around her and it was just perfect. I love seeing big protective men be sweet and caring. 

Rowan was smart, brave, and determined to see the mission through. She also had an unhealthy addiction to chocolate, which I can relate to. I loved her. She wasn’t afraid to stand up for  what she believed in. She was also a trouble magnet it seemed, which caused Lachlan to frequently freak out on her. These had instant chemistry that quickly led to hardcore feelings. Seeing them fall for each other was perfect and I loved all the action in between. 

Anna Hackett is truly a master at creating action adventure romances with kickass characters. If you are a fan of her Treasure Hunter Security series, or any of her series really, you should definitely try this series. 

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