Review: My Two Wolves by Van Cole

Title: My Two Wolves

Author: Van Cole

Format: eBook

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Date Read: April 16, 2020

1 star
1 star – Not for me

Wow. I don’t usually one star books but this one was rough. 

I don’t know why I continued reading this book. After about 15% I realized it wasn’t great and didn’t have much of a story but I stuck it out hoping for it to get better. It doesn’t. 

First, the writing isn’t great, nor is the story, or the characters. All of the characters are very flat, they barely showed emotion. The only time we got reactions was with with sex. This book basically was just sex, with a crappy story thrown overtop of it to make it a book.

Secondly, Sarah-Jane was annoying. So her boyfriend cheated on her but she leaves her own apartment instead of making him leave. She moves to a new town but continues to pay for that apartment. What the hell is wrong with her. Also this lady is supposed to be a lawyer so you would expect her to be pretty smart. She gets locked out of the house during a snowstorm and instead of waiting for the two guys she just goes looking for them, in a robe! Then she almost dies of hypothermia (AGAIN) and the guys just stand there chatting away. It is things like this that annoyed me so much and made me want to throw something. 

Also the way these three met and started having sex was so unbelievable it was ridiculous. Her car broke down, she almost froze to death, she was rescued by two dudes who she immediately started banging. It would have been more realistic if she had you know recovered from hypothermia, and actually talked to the guys. She didn’t even know their names!!! I have read some pretty far fetched stories but this one was just ridiculous. 

Overall, I cannot recommend this book and I will not read any other of this author’s books. 

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