Review: Guard by Anna Hackett

Guard by Anna Hackett

Title: Guard

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone

Pages: 183

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Dark Guard: 

This story was previously published in the anthology Pets in Space 4.

Calla Ryss escapes the Edull and ends up with the cyborgs of the House of Rone. She is struggling to find her place and fight her attraction to Zaden. Zaden is a powerful telekinetic who uses cybernetic enhancements to control his powers. He is instantly attracted to Calla but is afraid his power will become a problem. Their relationship was quick and steamy and I loved it.

House of Rone: Beginnings

This is a very short story showing what pushed Magnus to leave the Orionix Military Program and take Jaxer with him. While short, it was very impactful and it makes me want to go back and read Magnus and Jaxer’s stories again. 

Cyborg Guard

Soren den Stal is a cyborg fighter for the House of Rone. She also has the unique ability to teleport. Magnus gives her a mission to retrieve a map of the Edull’s arena. Unfortunately, he pares her with the annoying, sexy, showy, gladiator champion Xias. While working together to obtain the map, they finally give into their attraction. 

I really enjoyed this story. Soren was a very interesting, unique and kickass female. I loved that she could teleport. Xias was a cocky, handsome, and persistent gladiator. He was just the kind of man Soren needed. He wasn’t afraid to push her to feel and be emotional while she helped him let go of the past. I really can’t wait for the next book, and I am sad that it will be the last one.

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Previous books in the series:

  1. Sentinel
  2. Defender 
  3. Centurion
  4. Paladin

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