Review: Father Mine by J.R. Ward

Father Mine by J.R. Ward

Title: Father Mine

Author: J.R. Ward 

Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #6.5

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Ever since the birth of Nalla, Z has been regressing further into his past life. He won’t hold her, touch her, or say she is his. The birth of a child should have made Z and Bella closer but its pushed them farther apart. Bella is considering leaving Z when he becomes injured on a mission. The injury pushes them back together and makes them talk and work through the past. 

“You are just as beautiful as the first time I saw you in the gym all those nights and days ago. You stopped my heart then—just froze it in my chest. And you stop it now.”

It’s no surprise that Z has issues with his new life. Bella is everything to him and he almost lost her with this pregnancy. He doesn’t take that well and for Z everything is extreme. I liked that Bella stood up for herself and her child. She loves him but she wasn’t going to ruin her daughter’s life because of it. Z needs those harsh decisions sometimes to snap him out of his obsessiveness with his past. 

One was his heart and the other a piece of himself, and they completed him by filling voids he didn’t know he had.”

As always, these two are my favorite and I hated seeing them suffer but knew it would make them stronger in the end. These two worked through their problems and Z is going to therapy now, which is amazing. Sometimes things need to hit a breaking point for life to be fixed and that is how it was for these two. I really want more Z, Bella, and Nalla stories now.

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