#FaeFriday | 3/27/2020

#FaeFriday is a Friday book tag created by CaffeinatedFae, who is also the creator of the tag image. 

This week on #FaeFriday, is all about being playfully mischievous!  So this week’s prompt is: 

What mischievous character has a special place in your heart?

The first mischievous character that I thought of was Coyote from the Mercy Thompson series. Coyote is a Native American trickster god and frequently shows up throughout the series. Whenever he pops up you automatically know things are not going to go as you planned they would. I won’t say much more about Coyote because it will spoil parts of the series for anyone who hasn’t read this series.

My Mercy Thompson collection. Moon Called (the new one), Storm Cursed, and Smoke Bitten are all signed.

This is probably my favorite series and I reread it about every other year. I just got my signed copy of the newest book, Smoke Bitten, and I can’t wait to start it this weekend. I am waiting for the weekend so there isn’t anything stopping me from binge reading it all day. 

If you want to know more about the Native American Coyote god I suggest checking out this wiki page and seeing all the different versions there are. 

So now you have my answer, what mischievous character has a special place in your heart?

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