Review: Beowulf by Anonymous Anglo-Saxon Poet

Title: Beowulf

Author: Anonymous Anglo-Saxon Poet

Narrator: Mike Carbuccia

Format: Audiobook (3hr 4m)

Genre: Classic, Poetry

Date Read: March 22, 2020

1.5 stars
1.5 stars

The Epic of Beowulf is considered the oldest surviving piece of English literature. This poem is about the legendary Beowulf, a nobleman of the Geats, and his adventures. 

Sadly, this book was pretty boring. I didn’t expect to love it since it’s written in old english but I really didn’t enjoy it. I ended up toning some of it out. I think this is one of those books that you read for english class but never pick up again. I did like the narrator through. 

Overall, I can’t recommend this book because it wasn’t a great story. I wasn’t expecting it to be mind blowing but I wasn’t expecting it to be so boring either. So unless you love old english classics I suggest skipping this one for something better. 

*Audiobook provided for free for an honest review by Audiobook Boom.*

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