Review: It’s a Charmed Life by Selene Charles

It’s a Charmed Life by Selene Charles

The Grimm Chronicles #1

March 4, 2020

3.5 stars
3.5 stars

Detective Elle, formerly Princess Arielle, has a new cold case that is taking her to the mad Wonderland. With the help of Constable Maddox Hatter, they spend days tracking the killers around Wonderland. Together these two find a killer, and open start to open themselves up again after heartbreak. 

This was a weird, and wonderful, mixture of fairytale characters in a modern setting. I wasn’t sure about the book at first but by the time she meets Hatter I was hooked. The tension and heartbreak between these two just keep me hooked and hoping for a happy ending, which doesn’t exactly happen but I still loved it. I really liked Hatter and his ability to see the past and present. It was fascinating and is a great twist on the classic take of his character. Elle was strong, but broken. I really want to learn more about both of these characters and their pasts. 

Overall, this was a wonderful and fascinating world that I need more of. I will be reading the next book to see how the relationship between Elle and Maddox works out. 

Reader Warning: 

  • Heroine was abused in the past. Briefly mentioned.
  • Child death portrayed briefly.  

Romanceopoly 2020 Moon – Action Avenue 

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