Review: Chef Sugarlips by Tawna Fenske

Chef Sugarlips by Tawna Fenske

Ponderosa Resort Romantic Comedies #2

February 17, 2020

4 stars
4 stars – It was really good

Sean Bracelyn can whip up a fancy meal in no time but he can’t figure out relationships. When his dream woman comes through the door he decides to take a chance. Amber King is transforming her family’s reindeer farm into a country chic wedding venue. She doesn’t have time for a relationship but she can’t stop thinking about a certain sexy chef. 

This was a fun and sweet read. I quite enjoyed how quirky both characters were. Their families were great too. Amber was beautiful and it has made her attract the wrong type of men. Now she is afraid to trust anyone because she knows they won’t like the real Amber. Sean has mommy issues and they almost make him ruin his future with Amber. 

Overall, I am so glad I picked this book up because it was just what I needed after a few disappointing books this week. I would totally read the rest of this series too because I am interested in seeing more of this unique family. 

Romanceopoly 2020 Moon – Coffee Shop

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