Review: Undetected by Anna Hackett

Undetected by Anna Hackett

Title: Undetected

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Treasure Hunter Security #8

Pages: 224

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Darcy Ward has agreed to work with Agent Arrogant and Annoying—aka Special Agent Alistair Burke of the FBI’s Art Crime Team – to catch and end Silk Road. Together these two set a trap to capture The Collector while trying to survive deadly attacks, and their growing feelings for each other. 

Darcy and Alistair’s story is the one I have been waiting for since they were first introduced. Anna Hackett did not disappoint and we got a wonderful, action packed romance with my two favorite characters. The tension between these two has been apparent since they first butted heads, and we all know it’s a ploy to hide their attraction to each other. 

Throughout the series we have gotten glimpses of Alistair Burke and his character. We know he is a very driven, controlling, and determined man. In this book we finally learn the reasons behind his drive to stop art thieves, especially Silk Road, and see the true man. I quite enjoyed getting to know Alistair and seeing him admit his feelings for Darcy. 

Darcy was a smart, spunky, and determined woman. She was everything I love to see in a heroine. I love how after she gave into her feelings for Burke she still wouldn’t take his controlling crap and would disagree with him. I love that she is a sexy, fashionable character that can still kick some ass if she needs to. 

While I am sad to see this series end, the ending was everything I wanted. I love that Hackett created a spin off series (Team 52) to fill the void THS will be leaving. 

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