Review: Alone With the Stars by David E. Gillham

Alone with the Stars by David R. Gillham

Title: Alone With the Stars

Author: David R. Gillham

Narrators: Hillary Huber, Emily Bauer

Length: 2 hours 10 min

2 stars out of 5
2 stars – it was ok

This audiobook is about Amelia Earhart and Lizzie Friedlander. It is based on true events but do not believe everything in this audiobook. A lot of what is presented is just conjecture about Amelia’s thoughts and feelings during her voyage and the day she disappeared. It even tries to make us believe she might have been pregnant during the voyage. I assume some of Lizzie’s POV is also conjecture but can’t be 100% on that since I do not know very much about her.

Overall, I wish this had been more about the facts instead of conjecture and that is why I am not rating this higher. It was interesting but I think if you want more information about Amelia Earhart watch the National Geographic documentary, Expedition Amelia. It provides a better and factual look at her life, her last voyage and where she might have died. 

Goodreads/ Audible

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