Review: Nikhil by M. K. Eidem

Nikhil by MK Eidem

Title: Nikhil

Author: M.K. Eidem

Series: Kaliszians #1

Pages: 299

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Squad Leader Nikhil Kozar and his squad are clearing out the mines that the Zaludians have been illegally mining on Pontus. While cleaning out the newest mine Nikhil comes across a female from an unknown species that has been badly beaten. While he rushes to save her, his True Mate Bead transfers over to her forever changing both of their lives. 

This series is a side series of the Tornian series. I highly recommend reading it before coming to this book because it will make some aspects of this book easier to understand. 

Mackenzie “Mac” Wharton has been kidnapped from Earth, forced into slavery, and almost beaten to death. She wakes and finds herself attracted to the largest male she has ever seen, and also her savior. Together Mac and Nikhil struggle to cope with their new relationship, their different cultures, and enemies trying to separate them. 

I quite adored these two. Nikhil is a huge and honorable warrior, but he struggles with his size because of childhood bullies. I really loved watching him struggle with the cultural differences and all the changes having a mate bring. I think I might love the Kaliszians as much as I do the Tornians now. Mackenzie is a strong woman who has had a very rough life. She has lost her whole family but gained a new family with Jen and the men. She has found her soulmate in Nikhil. 

Like I have said in previous reviews for Eidem’s books, there are editing and plot issues in this book but, for me, the story is so captivating that I barely notice them. I just love a good alien romance, especially when the hunky males are clueless on how to deal with opinionated women. 

Trigger Warnings: abduction, death, abuse

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