ARC Review: Dragan by D. B. Reynolds

Title: Dragan

Author: D. B. Reynolds

Series: Stone Warriors #4

Date Read: January 24, 2020

4 stars
4 stars – It was really good

Dragan Fiachna is the last of Nick’s missing warriors and he is trapped in on of Sotiris many houses. Maeve, an employee of Sotiris, has always been drawn to the beautiful winged statue in the statue hall. While Sotiris rants and raves at it, she offers it comfort and peace, even though she knows its justs stone. Her care for the statue finally  breaks the curse and Dragan is finally free. Maeve uses her hacking ability to help Dragan to find Nick.

Dragan and Maeve are probably my favorite couple of this series. I really loved their interactions and care for each other. You could feel the emotions from the beginning and it was perfect. Maeve was smart, sassy, and resourceful. I quite enjoyed her and how she dealt with everything. She was never afraid of Dragan and knew he would protect her, even after he shows how deadly he can be. Dragan was supportive, caring, and protective. He has had a terrible past and thinks he is a monster, but Maeve shows him he can still be loved.

Now that all of the warriors are freed we are getting closer to the final confrontation with Sotiris. I thought we were going to get in this book but nope. I am glad though because I want to see more of this series. I really want to see Nick get a HEA because he deserves it. 

Also I really want to know Lili’s story now. She is clearly a supernatural but what kind? Clearly she has a troubled past and Nick is very protective of her. I really need to know! 

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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