1 Month Bloggerversary!!!

I have been blogging for a whole month and I am loving it so far!

I started this blog because in 2019 I challenged myself to review every book I read. I found that I actually really enjoyed it. I now regret not reviewing sooner. I also have the urge to go back and read all my favorites just so I can review them. Since I found so much enjoyment in writing reviews I thought I should try making my own book blog. Now here we are, one month later. 

I will say again, I am really enjoying having my own blog!

I love that I now have my own space to customize and tailor around books and how they make me feel.  This is my own space for books and how they make me feel! This has become especially comforting to me since I don’t have anyone at home that I can discuss books with. Goodreads doesn’t feel like my own space, even though it is very organized. 

My fears when I started this blog, and one of the reasons I put it off for so long, was that I thought I would end up hating the blog experience and that it might kill my enjoyment of writing reviews. I am happy to say that I haven’t hated anything about it so far. 

I also love that I can now make bookish posts, like this one. I have always loved reading posts about books, challenges, and tags but I have never participated since I didn’t have a blog, and Twitter isn’t great for longer discussions/post. But now I can!!!

So expect to see more book themed posts in the future, and of course a lot of reviews!

Some quick stats the blog:

I have made over 54 posts to the page!

  • 21 posts for December 
  • 33 posts for January (so far) 

48 of those posts are reviews! 7 of which are for ARC’s 

I have 27 followers, which I am very excited about. I really didn’t expect anyone to follow me. 

2 thoughts on “1 Month Bloggerversary!!!

  1. Congratulations Ashley. It’s good to see you are enjoying this journey. Looking forward to reading your one year anniversary.

    Liked by 1 person

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