ARC Review: Bishop’s Endgame by Katie Reus

Bishop's Endgame by Katie Reus

Title: Bishop’s Endgame

Author: Katie Reus

Series: Endgame Trilogy #3

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Undercover agent Ellis Bishop is on the run after being set up for the death of his partner. He kidnaps Arianna, a crime bosses step-daughter, in the hopes of gaining the information he needs. He doesn’t expect to fall for this kind, caring, and obviously innocent woman. 

Arianna is a strong, smart woman and I really liked her. She pulled herself out of her alcoholism and made a new life for herself. Now she is struggling to deal with the revelations about her step-father and her attraction to her kidnapper. I love how caring Arianna is. She quickly realizes Ellis is innocent and doesn’t even question not helping him. She is the perfect woman to help Ellis and win his heart. 

“Inside and out, Arianna was this bright star he would do anything to protect.”

Ellis was an undercover detective who was thinking about getting out of the game before everything fell apart. He is closed off and single minded at first but quickly relaxes after being around Arianna. I liked how even though he was doing whatever he could to clear his name he didn’t sacrifice his personal rules, like hurting women to get what he wants. Ellis and Arianna had a quick and intense relationship but it worked really well.

I quite enjoyed the conclusion to this series. I hope to see more romantic suspense books from Reus in the future. 

Warning: Heroine was raped in the past. Mentioned a few times.

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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