Review: Rocky Ground by Kaylea Cross

Rocky Ground by Kaylea Cross

Title: Rocky Ground

Author: Kaylea Cross

Series: Crimson Point #4

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Tiana Fitzgerald has sworn off men after the disaster of her last relationship, especially since she has to put her daughter Ella first. But every time she sees Aiden “Mac” MacIntrye it gets harder to ignore the attraction, especially since he is so good with Ella. But with every hour she spends with Aiden the more she realizes he is unlike any man she has ever met. He might just be the perfect person for her and her daughter. 

Since the beginning of the series I have liked Tiana. She was a hardworking, single mom, who was just trying to do the best she could for her daughter. I really admired her. I understand her reluctance to trust men and push them away after learning about her past. The first part of the book is basically Tiana ignoring her feelings and pushing Mac away. Once she gets past that their relationship slowly grows and is beautiful. I loved the slow pace and the development of their feelings for each other. 

I really liked Mac. He was loyal, dedicated, and a great guy. He is determined to change Tiana’s feelings about him from the beginning. I quite enjoyed how determined he was to prove Tiana wrong and break down her barriers. The scenes with him and Ella are perfect as well.

Overall, this was an easy read that I quite enjoyed. I loved the epilogue. It was so sweet and made a great ending to the book. 

Reader Warning: References to child abuse and pedophilia.

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Previous books in the series:

  1. Fractured Honor
  2. Buried Lies
  3. Shattered Vow

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