Romanceopoly 2020 Has Begun!

Last year I participated in Romanceopoly 2019 and loved it. It pushed me to read genres that I don’t normally read and I found a lot of new favorites. I finished in July last year and did another lap around the board. I didn’t finish that second round though. 

If you want to see what I read last year for Romanceopoly 2019 check out my Goodreads shelf.

Romanceopoly 2019 completed board

This year for Romanceopoly 2020 there are two different card decks, Sun and Moon. This is great for people like me who read a lot because I can do two boards without having to repeat prompts.  I am so excited for this years challenge and plan to have the first card deck, Moon done by June. Then I will pick up the Sun deck for the second round of the board. 

I am also trying very hard to pick books that I already own because I really want to get my e-TBR pile down this year.

Romanceopoly 2020 board

I am doing the Scenic Route which means I will roll for what book to read (just like normal Monopoly). I have made 5 rolls so far and will also be doing the seasonal tile, Winter, as well (two actually since I will be doing both decks).

If you are interested in a romance challenge I really recommend this one. There are multiple options available if you don’t have time for a full board but still want to participate. Visit for more information and also check out the #romanceopoly2020 hashtag for recommendations.

If you want to keep track of my progress check out my Goodreads 2020 shelf.

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