Review: Mark of Eon by Anna Hackett

Title: Mark of Eon

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Eon Warriors #5

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 215

Dates Read: January 1, 2020

4 stars
4 stars – It was really good

Space marine Lieutenant Jamie Park is assigned to the Desteron to promote the Terran and Eon treaty. She enjoys learning new skills from the Eon warriors but can’t get one if the off her mind, Medical Commander Aydin Kann-Ath. Aydin hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Jamie since he healed her. When an emergency call comes through that Helians had been taken by the Kantos Jamie and Aydin team up for a rescue mission. 

This was the perfect book to start off the new year with! I loved Jamie and Aydin. Janie is such a kick-ass space marine. I totally have a crush on her. She has trust issues but Aydin teaches her that it’s safe to trust people again. Aydin is a healer and warrior. He is obsessed with bringing honor back to his family name, which he has done. He is the perfect person for Jamie because he loves her as is and doesn’t want to change anything about her. Even after making a few mistakes in the beginning, he shows that he truly cares for her and will do anything he can to be with her. 

These two were the perfect kickass couple. I love the Eon warriors and I am excited for the next book. I can’t wait for Donnavan and Airen’s book. I am so glad we are finally getting a female Eon’s perspective.

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