Review: Tangled by Rebecca Zanetti

Tangled by Rebecca Zanetti 

Dark Protectors-Reese Family #7.8; 1001 Dark Nights #58

December 28, 2019

4 stars

Theo Reese has tracked down Ginny to retrieve the file she stole from the Reese family. He quickly realizes there is more to Ginny than he thought and that she is in major trouble. 

I liked this one a lot. Ginny was amazing. She was a professional thief and could really manipulate people. Even though she was a thief she did have standards and only stole from those who could afford it or were bad people. She was the perfect person for Theo because she will keep him on his toes and make him lighten up some. 

Theo was like most of the vampires in this series: extremely protective of family and women. As soon as he realizes Ginny is in trouble he goes to protection mode and tries to exclude her from the plans. Ginny takes matters into her own hands though. I think these two were great for each other. Theo will definitely have his hands full keeping Ginny out of trouble. 

I really liked that we got these novellas of the Reese brothers. It’s a nice little side addition to the series and were fun to read.

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