Review: Miss Kane’s Christmas by Caroline Mickelson

Miss Kane’s Christmas by Caroline Mickelson

Christmas Central #1

December 28, 2019

3 stars

Carol Claus is sent by her father Santa to the Hansen family to save Christmas. Ben, the father, doesn’t believe in Christmas and is writing a book to parents telling them not to lie to their kids about the holiday. While Carol loves the kids she is constantly butting heads with Ben, even if he is a looker. Even when presented with clear evidence that Santa is real he still tries to deny everything.

Carol was a really great character. She was great with the kids, full of Christmas cheer, and wasn’t afraid to stand up to nonbelievers.  Ben was ok. I felt he needed a little more character development. His abrupt 180 on his opinion of Carol was jarring for me. He didn’t want her around then all of a sudden he was attracted to her and wanted her to stay. Maybe if it had been a slower progression to attraction I would have liked that better. I also think I might have liked Ben more if their had been a little more from his POV after the truth of Carol’s heritage had been revealed. I wanted to see how he felt after realizing Santa was real and how he was dealing with his feelings for Carol. 

While I did have a few minor issues with this book I did still enjoy it. This was a great Christmas novella that I would recommend to people. It was great to get in one last holiday book for the year. I do want to read the next book and see what is going on with Nicholas.

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