Review: Tricked by Rebecca Zanetti

Tricked by Rebecca Zanetti

Title: Tricked

Author: Rebecca Zanetti 

Series: Dark Protectors-Reese Family #7.75; 1001 Dark Nights #48

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Jared agrees to mate Veronica (Ronni) to save her. After the mating is complete he realizes she isn’t a weak willed woman who will just wait at home. He is constantly tracking her down and trying to protect here because she won’t protect herself. While trying to figure out who poisoned her and dealing with his ex-girlfriend, Jared realizes he has fallen in love with Veronica and will do anything to keep her. 

I really liked Ronni. She had been poisoned, was dying, and she was still trying to figure out who did it. She was tough and wasn’t afraid to get into a fist fight over her man. Jared was an overbearing and protective vampire, much like Chalton. I liked him but I felt he needed a little more character development. 

Overall, I am really enjoying these novellas of the Reese brothers. Now to see Theo fall in love. 

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