Review: Marked by Rebecca Zanetti

Marked by Rebecca Zanetti

Title: Marked

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Series: Dark Protectors #7

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Janie is attending the peace talks between all the races in the hopes of ending the war. She gets a surprise thought when Zane shoes up. She finally learns the truth about his heritage. She also knows that this year, her 25th, will be when she fulfills the prophecy, whatever that is.

Janie has loved Dane since they met as children in the dream world and seeing him in person just brings it out more. Their mating was quick but the feelings were all there. You could tell they were meant to be together. Janie is a very strong woman but she is also scared. She hides behind sarcasm and puts up a strong front so no one knows, but Zane can see through it. I really enjoyed Janie. She was tough, emotional, and willing to do anything to save her family.

Zane has been a mystery since the beginning of the series. We finally find out who he is and why he so import to stop the war. Zane is all warrior and will do anything to protect his family, and Janie. I really liked him and hope he continues to be a recurring character in the series.

Janie and Zane found a way to stop the war, a cure for the virus and brought peace to the races. I think these two could do anything as long as they work together. I am very interested in seeing what is going to happen next in the realm since the war is over and there is finally peace.

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