Review: Claimed by Rebecca Zanetti

Claimed by Rebecca Zanetti

Title: Claimed

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Series; Dark Protectors #2

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

The Kurjans have kidnapped Emma and she knows she has only a small amount of time to get free or she will be forcefully mated. Dage saves her but refuses to let her go because he knows she is his mate. He has been dreaming of her for over 100 years. The Kurgans also release a virus on the mates of the vampires. The race is on to stop the virus and locate the enemies.

Dage and Emma are one of my favorite couples of this series. Emma is so smart and strong. She doesn’t know how to let anyone take care of her or let her barriers down. Dage is strong, arrogant and very protective. They both have to work together and learn to lean on each other. They are definitely a powerful couple and will be a great King and Queen for the Realm. 

I can’t wait to see what happens now with the war against the Kurjans and the virus they unleashed. It has been three years since I read this series so I don’t remember a lot from the early books. 

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